About Us

NICInfotek is a fast-growing global community of highly skilled information technology professionals who provide vital and varied IT consulting, development, system enhancement and support services. We integrate our clients' key considerations and objectives, using a proprietary approach we call S3RSM.

Our Mission

Our mission is to add value to client operations with innovative, simplified IT products and servicesthat improve employee productivity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower clients with intellectual property through a transferable process that is digitized and mobilized.

NIC Values

Our core values includeexceeding client expectations with sustained quality, integrity and reliability, leading to relationships built on trust that has been earned.


Our services include simplified innovative technology solutions, staffing and training solutions to complement in-house skills and capabilities, and IT services designed with real-world insight into what works best in IT.

IT Services

Clients require creating and maintaining customized proprietary applications to streamline operations. At NICInfotek, our teams use our 4D Software Development Methodology.

Technology Solutions

Since technology "has left the building" and gone to the car, the handheld, and even the beach --- the need for mobile apps has created a tsunami of development.

Engineering Services

NIC provides engineering & technical solutions focused on understanding your specific requirements. We then develop strategies to satisfy your needs and plans.

Staffing Solutions

We offer vetted, motivated, competitive people on a contract basis, contract-to-hire, or direct hire. Our preparation cuts your overhead and maximizes your ROI.

Training Solutions

Much of business is moving faster these days, and the pace can accelerate quickly, given changing market conditions. NICInfotek will help bring your people up to speed by accurately assessing your needs and sharpening the technical skills of your staff


The people of NICInfotek maintain growing technical expertise and up-to-date industry awareness by working in teams, and closely with clients across a wide spectrum of disciplines. Industries we commonly serve, with uncommon return on client investment


NIC offers end-to-end solutions using Onsite/Offshore and Offsite/Offshore models which deliver efficiency and effectiveness without cutting corners. Innovative, simplified solutions streamline your processes for cost- and time-efficiency.

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