Cloud Solutions


Trusted infrastructure and industry-leading practices save time and expense. Quicker communication and collaboration increases revenues. Platform transparency accelerates learning curve. Avoiding the time and expense of developing infrastructure can take your ideas to market months earlier. The warpspeed communication of the most respected enterprise, cloud allows you to discover and cash-in on opportunities. Instant collaboration lets you resolve issues most efficiently. Today cloud computing has become a common way of delivering services via the Internet. This cloud service can be accessed from anywhere on the web: your desktop web browser, mobile phone, tablet PC or even TV.

Our main areas in cloud application development:

Platform as a Service (PaaS). A cloud based solution stack which helps to develop, test, deploy, host and maintain an application using the same integrated development environment (IDE), but without the complexity of maintaining hardware and system software. NIC uses proven Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to create different cloud apps, ranging from specialized search engines to consumer applications that could be published and sold through any Marketplace

Software as a Service (SaaS). Any kind of software hosted together with its data, used on demand and delivered through the Internet. NIC has extensive experience in implementation of specific SaaS solutions in our main business domains.

Our Certified Salesforce Consulting Partner will integrate this capability with your people and the specific challenges of your business position, and guide the implementation.We help our clients integrate into their heterogeneous systems, processes and applications. We excel in complex Data Quality and Integration challenges to meet specific client needs. We offer proven methodologies and innovative capabilities.We help customers migrate their existing data and application to SalesForce or MS Dynamics. The data could in form of any Database, Excel or More. This process could become tedious for Customers with large amount of data, offloading such work to us helps our Customers retain focus on core tasks.We offer remote administrator and consulting services for Salesforce. Our administrator would remotely manage your salesforce account, which includes Administrating Users, Creating Permissions and Roles, Analytics, Finding Problems, Making recommendation and More.

NIC provides the following cloud computing development services:

Cloud Architecture Consulting
General cloud based application development
Migration to cloud
Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics platform solutions
Back-end implementation for mobile apps
Acceleration of content delivery