IT Services

Application Development

Clients require creating and maintaining customized proprietary applications to streamline operations. At NICInfotek, our teams use our 4D Software Development Methodology. We believe in developing software in small steps and through repeated cycles, enabling our teams to design and develop with frequent stakeholder feedback, thus taking advantage of what was learned in previous releases. With NIC's innovative and iterative 4D methodology, we exceed delivery, productivity and value expectations.

Our services are custom-designed to integrate with our clients' culture, objectives, direction and legacy systems to maximize ROI on your IT investments. Clients gain competitive advantage from our advanced technological expertise in most contemporary domains tailored to specific needs of IT programs, communication and management.

You'll find us to be a quick study of your current situation and where you want to go in IT. Deep experience with offshore, offsite and onsite development and implementation ensures continuing client satisfaction through a wide range of experience. We'll help you plan, test and implement through successful, economical operation at the highest quality level that both fits and gets more mileage from your budget.

We will partner with you to help achieve your business targets by addressing critical gaps in your workforce, your projects and your work functions. Experienced professionals use our proprietary S3Rapproach and 4D Software Development Methodology to design, develop and coordinate new systems with those in place --- for unimpeded dataflow and a seamless transition to enhanced productivity in the evolving marketplace.

NIC offers end-to-end solutions using Onsite/Offshore and Offsite/Offshore models which deliver efficiency and effectiveness without cutting corners. Innovative, simplified solutions streamline your processes for cost- and time-efficiency.


- Initial Planning Define key business objectives and high-level requirements - Gather Requirements From Users perspective, define Use Cases (conversation between the user and the system)

- Gather Requirements From Users perspective, define Use Cases (conversation between the user and the system)


- Analysis & User Interface Design
- Create high fidelity screen mockups this includes the application workflow Understand user characteristics and the environment
-Usability Workshop Watch end user use the mock application


-Development of the software with client/stakeholder feedback


-User Acceptance
-Support and Maintenance

Development includes tools and techniques, application change requests, performance fine-tuning, upgrades, bug fixing, etc., in our state-of-the-art facilities. Development is monitored, reviewed, audited and controlled, according to strict quality assurance methodologies by project managers. Competent professionals provide ongoing maintenance support to your teams, along with any necessary global distribution of responsibilities. NIC's benchmarked practices and proven delivery skills ensure clients of maximum return on IT investment.

QA Testing and Validation

When quality is paramount you can't afford to shortcut testing. Investment in testing will return measurable profitability throughout the app's life-cycle. But, it need not be expensive and NICInfotech has saved clients as much as 20% - 30% off market pricing.

The NIC Testing Center offers a full suite of testing services and capabilities. We employ our S3Rtechnique with regression tools and load-testing tools to create re-usable test scripts that continue through the release process. Quality management experience includes a wide range of automation tools. Planning avoids trouble from release delays, non-compliance, undetected bugs and security breaches. Your customers' satisfaction is emphasized, as well. Industry-certified NIC testers are experienced with all leading vendor and open-source tools, and operate objectively. Comprehensive testing services include:

  • Test planning, management and execution
  • Automated testing
  • Database Testing
  • System Testing
  • Performance and load testing
  • Application security assurance
  • Operational readiness testing
  • Handset and mobile application testing
  • SOA testing services
  • Localization and internalization testing
  • Usability, privacy and accessibility testing
  • Validation Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Testing training and development
  • Testing assessment and consulting services
  • Support & Maintenance

    Around the globe, experienced and competent NICInfotech support people are available 24/7. You know that maintenance and support are imperative in getting the maximum return on IT investment. We know how to provide them at a consistent level, and have for years for a number of clients, linking teams in other continents and across time zones.

    NIC's process-driven software lifecycle management and delivery model ensure a significant reduction in IT maintenance costs. Channeling resources to maintain mission-critical production systems economically is among the wisest of management decisions. And, of course, it helps you maximize revenues from your own customer base.