Technology Solutions

Mobile App Development

Since technology "has left the building" and gone to the car, the handheld, and even the beach --- the need for mobile apps has created a tsunami of development. NIC stays ahead of this wave with constant attention to the virtually hourly changes in discoveries, devices, software and client profit opportunities. NIC constantly updates our competency in the mobile technology marketplace to help our clients respond, as competitive needs arise for their organizations.

Client needs include consultation and support for their platform development, environments, security, cloud usage, devices, testing, patents and enforcement. As with other apps, NIC services begin with analysis and include the relevance of phone-specific and other mobile operating system features and observe our proprietary S3RSMprinciples.

Web Technologies

SAP Solutions

Enterprise planning proceeds more smoothly to produce desired results, using experienced professionals who are controlled by client considerations and our proprietary S3R processes. Whether starting, building or accelerating SAP, your systems become more productive and empower informed, successful decision-making. Applications that are familiar to your people are tailored to fit with existing organizational systems, including management of relationships, supplies, portals, modules, intelligence, risk and evaluation. Processes become more efficient --- integrating material, sales, distribution, financial and control modules. We offer careful analysis and attentive, thorough implementation from the entire spectrum of SAP solutions. Our SAP services and capabilities cover the entire spectrum of SAP solutions -- including all SAP and Business Objects modules, industry solutions, and the latest in NetWeaver technology. We deploy, maintain, support and service the following SAP and Business Objects solutions:

Enterprise Resource Planning

NICInfotek understands that ERP functions as the backbone of transaction flow for our clients. In addition, resource planning systems often provide a springboard for strategic initiatives in B2B, C2B and e-business. Skilled NIC professionals work in a wide range of industry sectors, enabling clients to derive maximum value from your ERP projects. Core competencies encompass SAP, PeopleSoft, and Oracle, along with CRM, intelligence and supply chain management.

ERP services available from NIC include:

  • Gap Analysis and Business Process Re-engineering
  • Implementation
  • Post-implementation support
  • Application value management
  • Functional and technical consulting
  • Version upgrades
  • Integration with legacy applications, other ERP, Extended ERP like CRM, SCM applications
  • Business Intelligence
  • Web enabling and mobile computing
  • Customer Relationship Management

    Building mutually productive relationships requires IT-enhanced understanding, engagement and collaboration across all your business channels.

    Today's competitive environment, with its many emerging offerings, often changes customers' expectations and distracts their loyalties. Preparing your organization to improve CRM is one way NICInfotek can help you enjoy the journey to higher returns from IT investments --- with innovation and by making complex solutions as simple as possible.

    Staff productivity improves and customer satisfaction increases with an integrated approach to customer information management consistent service delivery.

    Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

    Consolidating enterprise data, aligning and interconnecting processes, and leveraging application investments are among the many management challenges by which the consultants of NIC have proven their worth.

    Among other services, clients bring us in for:
  • Consulting
  • Analytical processes
  • Value-based engagement contracts
  • Horizontal spinoffs
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Best-practice industry offerings
  • Global delivery capabilities
  • Offshore/Onshore/Onsite

  • Data dynamics call for monitoring, analysis and understanding almost immediately.